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Mum's the Word!

Series: By Request
Cat Schield, Lauren Canan and Ellie Darkins

ISBN: 9780263268010


Prince Gabriel Alessandro's top priority is continuing the family line, and he's found the perfect bride-to-be in Lady Olivia Darcy. But then Gabriel learns he’s already a father…

Lone Star Baby Bombshell by Lauren Canan

Kelly was fooled once – it wasn't until her fling left that she discovered he was Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton. Now he's back, and she won't be fooled twice…

Newborn on Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins

Lily Baker has dreamed of a family of her own for so long…but she never expected a newborn baby and the Nic Johnson to arrive on her doorstep the very same day!