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One Night with the Billionaire

Series: By Request
Marion Lennox, Sarah M. Anderson and Janice Maynard

ISBN: 9780263268683


One Night with the Billionaire

Sparks fly with the Billionaire

When Mathew forecloses a loan for his childhood circus he is taken aback by the Amazing

Mischka. She won’t allow a man to evict her family… no matter how gorgeous he is!

The Nanny Plan

Being a father to his infant niece is out of billionaire Nate’s comfort zone, luckily his new nanny Trish is a natural at motherhood. But long glances and slow kisses are strictly offlimits…

Second Chance with the Billionaire

Conor enjoys a challenge and he’s never encountered one more arousing than Ellie. Once, she broke his heart but now she's back in town he can't seem to stay away…