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One Passionate Night

Series: By Request
Susan Meier, Jessica Gilmore and Caroline Anderson

ISBN: 9780263266184


Her Brooding Italian Boss by Susan Meier

Pregnant and broke, Laura Beth must take a job with Antonio Bartulocci. He may be darkly handsome, but the fiery Italian proves to be a difficult boss!


The Heiress’s Secret Baby by Jessica Gilmore

Polly Rafferty did not expect the utterly gorgeous Gabe Beaufils to be lying in her office! And, after sharing an earth-shattering kiss, she discovers that he’s the new vice-CEO…


Best Friend to Wife and Mother? by Caroline Anderson

Leo Zaccharelli is Amy Driver’s best friend. Yet when they escape to Tuscany, Amy’s eyes are opened to the joys of being a mother…and a wife!