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From Seduction To Secrets / The Twin Switch

Series: Desire
Andrea Laurence and Barbara Dunlop

ISBN: 9780263279115


From Seduction to Secrets by Andrea Laurence

They put their rivalry to bed for just one night…with unexpected consequences!

Kat McIntyre should have known that sleeping with her nemesis Sawyer Steele was a bad idea. Her unexpected pregnancy proves it. Not only that, Kat's discovered that the cagey billionaire isn't who she thought he is!

The Twin Switch by Barbara Dunlop

She must save her brother’s wedding…without falling for a forbidden stranger!

While tracking down her brother’s runaway bride-to-be, Layla Gillen gets sidetracked herself, falling into bed with hotel mogul Max Kendrick. Too bad his twin is the one who seduced the bride-to-be!

Now Layla must choose between betraying her brother and pursuing forbidden passion.