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His Forbidden Kiss / Temporary Wife Temptation

Series: Desire
Jessica Lemmon and Jayci Lee

ISBN: 9780263279153


His Forbidden Kiss by Jessica Lemmon

“You can lie to me about that kiss,

but you know the truth…”

Heiress Taylor Thompson is shocked to discover the mysterious stranger she kissed at a gala is no stranger. Royce Knox is a top exec at the tech giant their fathers cofounded. And the best kisser ever. With business and family pulling them apart, can Royce become more than her colleague?

Temporary Wife Temptation by Jayci Lee

Their marriage is only for appearances…

If their hearts don’t betray them

Natalie Sobol will do anything to gain custody of her niece. Even agree to a marriage of convenience to her billionaire boss, Garrett Song. Their agreement requires they be affectionate in public, but strictly hands-off in private. But their attraction may put them both in breach of contract!