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His Marriage Demand

Series: Desire
Yahrah St. John and Andrea Laurence

ISBN: 9780263271904


His Marriage Demand by Yahrah St. John

He’s waited patiently for payback.

It arrives on his wedding day.

Ever since his mother was fired for Fallon Stewart’s teen antics, Gage Campbell has sworn revenge. Now the roles are reversed. Gage got rich, and Fallon’s desperate to save her family’s company. He’ll gladly step up. But Fallon must become his bride. The danger? Losing himself in the woman…and forgetting the revenge!

From Riches to Redemption by Andrea Laurence

Her ex-lover’s backright

when she discovers her life is a lie.

Ten years ago, Morgan Steele secretly eloped with River Atkinson—only to see her vows betrayed. Now River’s back, as CEO of a construction company that rivals her family’s empire. Forced to work together, they give into desire. But when hidden secrets come to light, will their second chance survive?