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Rancher's Wild Secret

Series: Desire
Maisey Yates and Catherine Mann

ISBN: 9780263271973


Rancher's Wild Secret by Maisey Yates

He's come for revenge…Not to fall for the enemy!

Holden McCall is intent on revenge on the Maxfield family, and the perfect way is to publicly ruin the wedding of the year, that of daughter Emerson Maxfield. But what will happen when Holden begins to fall for the woman he is using as a pawn in his game?

Hot Holiday Rancher by Catherine Mann

“I don’t want a girlfriend. I want a wife.”

When Houston heiress Esme Perry is stranded at Jesse Stevens’ ranch days before Christmas, he’s torn. This sexy city girl is totally wrong for him. So why does he find her utterly, impractically irresistible?