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Rich, Rugged Rancher / Vegas Vows, Texas Nights

Series: Desire
Joss Wood and Charlene Sands

ISBN: 9780263279108


Rich, Rugged Rancher by Joss Wood

He can’t resist her

Ever since the accident that took his leg, oil tycoon Clint Rockwell doesn’t do relationships he likes being alone. Then fast-talking Fee Martinez sweeps, onto his ranch… and into his bed. But Fee is far more into jet-setting than settling down. So why can’t he stay away from her?

Vegas Vows, Texas Nights by Charlene Sands

He was completely off-limits, but she married him!

Waking up naked next to her sister’s ex-fiance is shocking enough. But for Katie Rodgers to learn that he is now her husband! Unforgivable. An annulment is the only option. But with such sizzling chemistry—are the newlyweds really ready to untie the knot?