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Wild Nashville Ways / Secrets Of A Playboy

Series: Desire
Sheri WhiteFeather and Janice Maynard

ISBN: 9780263279306


Wild Nashville Ways by Sheri WhiteFeather

Her career is in his hands…

But so is her heart

Country singer Dash Smith’s career has rocketed whilst ex-fiancé Tracy’s has taken a nosedive. When Dash asks Tracy to sing with him again, she must choose if she wants to rejuvenate her career. But with such simmering passion between them, at what cost to her heart…

Secrets of a Playboy by Janice Maynard

In business and pleasure,

he needs his nemesis!

To catch the spy in his family business, Zachary Stone needs a first-rate security specialist. But the new hire is none other than Frances Wickersham, the girl who challenged a younger Zach at every turn. This time around, the long-legged beauty is challenging his playboy ways, and his resistance to their undeniable chemistry…