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Crime Scene Cover-Up / Colton 911: Ultimate Showdown

Series: Heroes
Julie Miller and Addison Fox

ISBN: 9780263280593


Crime Scene Cover-Up

by Julie Miller

Their passion was forged in flames Mark Taylor can put out a fire, but Amy Hall is a different challenge. He’s determined to keep her safe —and although she’s a target, she’s certain that she doesn’t need his protection. As they hunt down an arsonist, both Mark and Amy try to deny their red-hot desire…will they succumb before a madman burns down their world?

Colton 911: Ultimate Showdown

by Addison Fox

Hunting a criminal brings danger…and passion

When Lieutenant Tripp McKellar rescues crime scene investigator Sadie Colton from a kidnapper, she is eternally grateful. Yet as they work together to bring down the criminal who targeted her they discover a mutual attraction. But can true love bloom in the shadow of a deadly threat?