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Dangerous Knowledge / Colton 911: In Hot Pursuit

Series: Heroes
Julie Anne Lindsey and Geri Krotow

ISBN: 9780263280555


Dangerous Knowledge

by Julie Anne Lindsey

Her survival depends on a stranger

Journalist Katlin Andrews just nailed the exposé of her career when she’s run off the road—and awakens with no memory and a stranger in her hospital room. Bodyguard Jack Hale promised to protect his best friend’s sister. But he’s working blind to stop a killer from taking the life of the woman he has no business falling for…

Colton 911: In Hot Pursuit

by Geri Krotow

On the run for their lives…and straight towards a killer

Sergeant Flynn Cruz-Street’s estranged half-brother is a threat to society. To catch him Flynn must join forces with paralegal Vikki Colton. Vikki proves to be a brilliant investigator and what starts as a reluctant partnership soon blossoms into an irresistible attraction. But they must resist the sparks between them…or risk losing their lives.