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Desperate Strangers / Tribal Blood

Series: Heroes
Carla Cassidy and Jenna Kernan

ISBN: 9780263265675


Desperate Stranger

His secrets might break her heart but hers could get them killed!

Nick Simon is using his "fiancé," Julie Peterson, as an alibi -and her amnesia means she doesn’t even know they only met at the scene of her accident. But when someone starts calling with threats of murder, Julie is drawn even closer to the only man who can protect her. Will she remember the deadly secret she carries before a murderer can strike again?

Tribal Blood

He will always fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

In the throes of labour, Kasey Doka escaped her captors and their underground surrogacy ring to find Colt Redhorse. Though he’d sought seclusion on the Apache reservation for months, Colt and Kasey share something that goes deeper than tribal blood. Colt’s time as a marine left him with nightmares, but his training also gave him a certain set of skills. No one is taking this woman…or this child.