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Hideout At Whiskey Gulch / The Witness

Series: Heroes
Elle James and Nichole Severn

ISBN: 9780263283211


Hideout at Whiskey Gulch

by Elle James

The town's former bad boy is helping the law

When ex-marine Matt Hennessey rescues Aubrey Blanchard and her baby from would-be kidnappers their attraction is instant and undeniable. But as they search for the baby's abducted sister, a human trafficking cartel threatens their lives. Can they bring down the vengeful criminals who don't forgive… and never forget?

The Witness

by Nichole Severn

She's not out of danger, even with his protection

When marshal Finn Reed finds Camille Goodman fighting an attacker he realises ‘The Carver’ has come back to finish what he started. Finn is determined to keep Camille alive… and keep his professional distance. But as barriers between them fall, a killer's twisted game plays out—one that the deputy and his fearless witness may not win.