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Hunting A Killer / Pursuit Of The Truth

Series: Heroes
Nicole Helm and K.D. Richards

ISBN: 9780263283204


Hunting a Killer

by Nicole Helm

The Tactical Crime Division’s in hot pursuit

When K-9 handler Serena Lopez discovers that her half-brother’s a fugitive from justice, she must find him. It's a good thing that her partner is infuriatingly efficient lead agent Axel Morrow. But it’s a race against time to catch the armed-and-dangerous criminals before they kill again… with the Serena and Axel as their targets!

Pursuit of the Truth

by K.D. Richards

Her secrets could get them killed…

After hotel CEO Nadia Shelton barely escapes an attack, security expert Ryan West’s realises someone will kill to find the brother Nadia thought was dead. And the only way Ryan can protect her as they uncover the truth is to stay strictly professional. But the sparks igniting between them refuse to be ignored…