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Risk Everything

Series: Heroes
Janie Crouch and Cindi Myers

ISBN: 9780263274417


Risk Everything by Janie Crouch

The wedding is two weeks away…If they survive until then!

Deputy Tanner Dempsey and his fiancée, Bree Daniels, are on high alert amidst fears that a Women’s Shelter is being targeted. Out-manned and out-gunned, Tanner and Bree must unravel the twisted plot of a dangerous sociopath. Will it be "‘til death do us part" before they can say "I do"?

Cold Conspiracy by Cindi Myers

The body count is mounting…And he’s the killer’s next target.

Deputy Jamie Douglas and lawman Nate Hall are determined to capture the Ice Cold Killer. But a blizzard ravages their town, keeping everyone snowed in with this chilling killer. Can Jamie and Nate get to the truth before more innocent people wind up dead?