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Rules In Defiance

Series: Heroes
Nichole Severn and Karen Whiddon

ISBN: 9780263274523


Rules in Defiance by Nichole Severn

A disturbed criminal wants to destroy her life.

After her colleague's brutal murder, Dr. Waylynn Hargrave’s past makes her a suspect. But Security investigator Elliot Dunham is certain she’s innocent. When Waylynn’s research reveals she faces a danger worse than being framed, Elliot will defy all the rules to protect her from the killer who’s stalking her.

Colton’s Rescue Mission by Karen Whiddon

Can forbidden love blossom?

The Avalanche Killer has been caught, but Remy Colton fears a threat still looms over Roaring Springs. And falling for his brother's ex, Vanessa Fisher, definitely doesn't help matters. But when someone begins to target Vanessa, Remy vows to protect her at all costs!