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Safety Breach

Series: Heroes
Delores Fossen and Carol Ericson

ISBN: 9780263274509                           


Safety Breach by Dolores Fossen

Her safety is breached. Can he protect her?

Gemma Hanson is being stalked by a serial killer. That’s the message Sheriff Kellan Slater personally delivers. Although Gemma and Kellan share an intense past, escaping the violence surrounding them is all that matters. Especially once Gemma realises nowhere is safe…

Undercover Accomplice by Carol Ericson

He needed someone by his side. Someone he could trust.

A terrorist attack is looming, and Delta Force soldier Hunter Mancini must team up with CIA Operative Sue Chandler – again – to stop it. But as disaster threatens, Sue reveals a secret even this action hardened warrior couldn’t imagine…