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Secret Investigation / Conard County Justice

Series: Heroes
Elizabeth Heiter and Rachel Lee

ISBN: 9780263280296


Secret Investigation by Elizabeth Heiter

In the wake of a tragedy, they must get to work. 

When ironclad body armour inexplicably fails on the battlefield, Army Ranger, Agent Davis Rogers takes on the undercover assignment to find the traitor responsible. Petrov Armour CEO Leila Petrov is reluctant to provide access to her company… until she discovers she's being framed!

Conard County Justice by Rachel Lee

They want the same thing—Justice!

Deputy Cat Jansen must keep Major Daniel Duke from hindering her investigation into his brother’s killer. But as the search heats up, Daniel and Cat discover they share more than a relentless pursuit of justice. But would they have to pay with their lives to find the truth…?