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Security Risk

Series: Heroes
Janie Crouch and Jenna Kernan

ISBN: 9780263274318


Security Risk by Janie Crouch

When you’ve lost everything…

Your only chance is to risk it all again.

Deputy Tanner Dempsey paid a high price for an undercover op gone wrong. Nobody understands a dangerous past better than Bree Daniels. Together they have to face their pasts in order to stay alive. Keeping one step ahead of ruthless killers is their only option and risk is their constant companion.


Isolated in the deep Adirondack wilderness…

Their mission—escape!

When Detective Dalton Stevens follows his estranged wife, Erin, to the Adirondack Mountains, they are forced to begin a harrowing wilderness trek to outrun the terrorists who'll kill for their secret. Dalton's real objective—to reconcile with Erin—happens by chance…when one bullet changes everything.