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The Final Secret / Colton First Responder

Series: Heroes
Cassie Miles and Linda O. Johnston

SBN: 9780263280203


The Final Secret

Cassie Miles

Her past will haunt them both.

Bodyguard Gennie Fox’s security assignment goes wrong when a guest is murdered, and her boss— ex-Navy SEAL Noah Sheridan—gets caught in the crossfire. Noah trusts Gennie to get to the truth, but is Gennie’s past causing trouble… or is something more sinister at work?

Colton First Responder

Linda O. Johnston

She must track down her husband, to prove she didn’t murder him

Savannah Oliver is prime suspect for the murder of her ex-husband Zane – but she doesn't believe he’s dead. Escaping custody she must prove her innocence with the help of Grayson Colton. But as passions intensify and the body count grows it becomes a race against time to prove her innocence.