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The Safest Lies

Series: Heroes
Debra Webb and Rachel Lee

ISBN: 9780263274363


The Safest Lies By Debra Webb

Undercover and on the run,

she has just one chance to escape…

Special Agent Sadie Buchanan must rescue a hostage from a criminal camp deep in the Tennessee wilderness and to do it she must team up with a stranger. Flynn is definitely attractive and smart. Trustworthy, maybe. But when they move to outsmart the enemy, extreme danger lies ahead…

Murdered in Conard County By Rachel Lee

They can only solve the perfect murder

If they work together.

When Blaire Afton is faced with a murder with no motive and no clues, US forest ranger Gus Maddox agrees with her suspicion that this is no random crime. With their shared military past, Blaire and Gus become close. But will their need for each other hinder their quest for justice?