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Toxin Alert / Texas Law

Series: Heroes
Tyler Anne Snell and Barb Han

ISBN: 9780263280579


Toxin Alert

by Tyler Anne Snell

A terrorist attack on an Amish community…why?

After a deadly anthrax attack on an Amish community, biological weapons expert Carly Welsh springs into action. Problem is, the Amish trust no one—especially an FBI agent. Noah Miller left the fold years ago but they do trust him…and so does Dr. Welsh. But will working together be enough against sinister forces that want them both to perish.

Texas Law

by Barb Han

She escaped her violent ex…but for how long?

The woman who darts in front of Sheriff Colton O’Connor’s car one rain-lashed night is no stranger to him. But she is someone he never expected to see again! Now as they ride out the storm together, tracked by a rogue cop, the widowed lawman reignites emotions in Makena Eden. Once the threat has passed, will they walk away—together?