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Bought with the Italian's Ring/ Redemption of a Ruthless Billionaire

Series: Modern
Tara Pammi/ Lucy Ellis

ISBN: 9780263935219


Bought With The Italian's Ring by Tara Pammi

CEO Raphael Mastrantino has absolute power—until a shock heir to his billion-dollar empire emerges! He initiates a calculated seduction to rob Pia Vito of her inheritance, and inescapable hunger soon engulfs them. But Pia’s innocence unravels his plans to acquire her. Now, to make her his, Rafael must give her more than a diamond ring!


Redemption Of A Ruthless Billionaire by Lucy Ellis

Nik’s not a Voronov by blood, but he’s ferociously protective of his adoptive family. So when he believes single mother Sybella Parminter is taking advantage of his grandfather he ruthlessly strips her of her job! But as unexpected desire threatens to consume them both, sweet Sybella might just be the redemption this brooding billionaire needs…