Australian Affairs: Claimed

Series: Special Releases
Melanie Milburne, Rachel Bailey and Margaret Way

ISBN: 9780263275308


Awakened by passion…

Kitty Cargill yearns for the fairytale: everlasting love. The pure magnetism of her new boss Dr Jake Chandler opens her eyes to raw passion, but she’ll have to keep reminding herself Jake’s not the ‘happy-ever-after’ type…


Hotel magnate Luke Marlow has one golden rule: Never be distracted by a woman. But Della Walsh proves to be the exception. Her dignified allure arouses Luke’s desire despite his suspicions…


Clio Templeton has loved Josh Hart since she was nine years old. Years later, Josh has returned to the town that wrote him off as a bad seed. But the small town has a long memory. Can he risk his past casting a shadow over the local sweetheart.…?