Dreaming Of... Greece

Series: Special Releases
Rebecca Winters and Robin Gianna

ISBN: 9780263266665


Gorgeous Greek Men!

When wealthy socialite Raina Maywood attends her best friend’s wedding, the last thing she’s expecting is her own romance! Since her marriage imploded, she’s learnt to keep her distance…until she meets gorgeous best man, Akis!

Zoe owes her life to Vasso Giannopolous. Now that she’s working for him she's smitten not just with the beautiful Greek island she's working on, but also the gorgeous tycoon who inhabits it… Soon their passions will be igniting.

Laurel Evans didn’t expect to find a drop dead gorgeous Andros Dracoulias on her archaeological dig – but she has! Andros knows his fling with Laurel can’t last, so why is it so hard to imagine a future without her by his side…