Escape By The Sea

Series: Special Releases
Trish Morey, Abby Green and Nikki Logan

ISBN: 9780263280821


Escape to Paradise

Leo Zamos persuades his virtual PA Eve Carmichael to act as his fake fiancée at a business dinner unaware she is the gorgeous girl he met years ago. When Eve sees Leo again, she knows that the one-evening she’s signed up for is about to become a whole passionate night…in his bed!

Secretary Darcy Lennox knows how demanding her legendary billionaire boss, Maximiliano Fonseca Roselli, can be. But marrying him to secure the deal of the century is beyond the call of duty! Until one searing kiss and both realise the stakes are far higher than either of them imagined…

For Mila, Coral Bay's coast is more than just paradise, it's a safe haven… Until gorgeous visitor Richard Grundy arrives—sending her senses into overdrive! Secret billionaire Rich has come to the Bay looking for business opportunities, not romance until he's captivated by gentle, exotic Mila!