Hot Docs On Call: Hollywood Heartthrobs

Series: Special Releases
Louisa George, Amy Ruttan and Robin Gianna

ISBN: 9780263276688


The ultimate Hollywood hills seduction!

Top-of-his-game neurosurgeon Dr Jake Lewis has thrown himself into work in a bid to forget the past. Now, used to high-octane medical emergencies, he’s furious to be temporarily assigned to pander to Lola Bennet, L.A.’s biggest diva!

When a movie star is rushed to The Hollywood Hills Clinic, Dr Flo Chiu immediately clashes with arrogant doctor, Nate King. But an unexpected kiss creates a media storm, and the two rivals are forced to pretend they’re the perfect couple!

Gabriella Cain prides herself on the exemplary service she provides her celebrity mums-to-be. So she certainly doesn’t appreciate Dr Rafael Moreno suddenly taking over her department…even if he is royalty – and gorgeous!