Hot Docs On Call: New York City Nights

Series: Special Releases
Tina Beckett, Amalie Berlin and Lucy Ryder

ISBN: 9780263276626


Love in the city…

Stepping into West Manhattan Saints hospital, Dr Tessa Camara is stunned to discover the new orthopaedic surgeon is Dr Clay Matthews – her ex! Fouryears apart did nothing to extinguish the fire between them, but she has never forgiven Clay for his betrayal…

When Dr Kimberlyn Davis finds herself in the midst of an accident site, it’s not just the thrill of saving a life that crackles in the air…it’s working with the irresistible Dr Enzo DellaToro!

After a traumatic accident, Dr Holly Buchanan made a plan: become the world’s best Plastic & Reconstruction surgeon. What wasn’t in her plan? Tumbling into an elevator and sprawling at the feet of sinfully sexy new colleague, Dr Gabriel Alexander!