Hot Heroes: The Rules Of Her Rescue

Series: Special Releases
Maureen Child, Nikki Logan and Elle James

ISBN: 9780263281750


Success comes at a price

Bodyguard Ronan Connolly is a man who prefers danger. Laura Page is a woman who loves family. But the passion between them is electric, until Ronan leaves. Six weeks later he’s back. But Laura’s hiding something. Ronan vows to find out everything, but this time, getting up close and personal may mean giving Laura his heart.

Adventurer Will Margrave loves working in the Canadian wilderness and is determined never to make himself vulnerable in love. Until he rescues snowbound Kitty Callaghan, the one woman who always saw past his armour, and neither can no longer deny their long-hidden attraction…

Navy SEAL ‘Rip’ Cord Schafer does not expect his new partner to be a woman: operative Tracie Kosart, with whom he has to pose as newlywed. Yet Rip soon discovers Tracie is skilled at playing his sensual ‘bride’. But when her cover is blown, Rip knows her life depends on his SEAL instincts and her love depends his unwavering commitment as her ‘husband.