Royal Temptation

Series: Special Releases
Carol Marinelli, Michelle Celmer and Brenda Harlen

ISBN: 9780263276008


An unforgettable night with the royal…

Princess Layla craves just one week outside the gilded cage of her palace. A chance to try absolutely everything that is forbidden! Arriving in in Australia, there’s only one man who can help her fulfil this dream…Revered yet feared, Mikael Romanov!


Being the wealthiest landowner on Thomas Isle was still not enough for Garrett Sutherland. he wanted his biggest claim to fame to be the seduction of Princess Louisa—the infamous virgin princess!

Advice columnist Gabriella Vasquez had it all – a high-profile newspaper job, a beautiful daughter . . . and a powerful secret. The father of her child was none other than the man who’d broken her heart – the playboy prince of Tesoro del Mar himself, Cameron Leandres!