Rumours: The Ruthless Ravensdales

Series: Special Releases
Melanie Milburne

ISBN: 9780263276633


Scandal follows the notorious Ravensdale family!

Holly Perez has one last chance to sort out the train wreck her life has become. But being housekeeper to reclusive CEO Julius Ravensdale is as close to a prison as Holly could imagine. Julius may be devastatingly gorgeous but he’s also brooding, formal and completely off-limits!

Miranda Ravensdale’s first experience of love ended in tragedy so she buried her heart along with her memories. No man has ever broken through Miranda’s quiet façade…until billionaire Leandro Allegretti. Leandro is determined to bring Miranda’s sensuality to life…kiss by seductive kiss…

When Jasmine Connolly’s third engagement is broken off, she decides to make her man jealous by enlisting the help of her enemy, playboy Jake Ravensdale! But what’s to stop her from falling prey to the playboy’s charms…?