Ruthless Revenge

Series: Special Releases
Annie West, Angela Bissell and Elle Kennedy

ISBN: 9780263268287


Desire is dangerous!

Donato Salazar plans to jilt his enemy's daughter. Except Ella Sanderson isn't the vacuous socialite he expected and she refuses to marry him! Her sweet rebellion only makes Donato want her more, so he'll have to persuade her…

For years formidable Leonardo Vincenti has planned vengeance – and nothing will stop him – not even his enemy’s stunning, passionate daughter Helena. But Leo has underestimated Helena and the secrets that drive her…
Ruthless Special Ops Captain Robert Tate and Eva Dolce only have one thing in common – revenge. While Eva hides her past and will do anything to save her son, can Tate forgive her secrets… or will he deny their combustible chemistry?