Ruthless Revenge: Sinful Seduction

Series: Special Releases
Kate Hewitt, Kate Walker and Nina Milne

ISBN: 9780263268133


His Outrageous Proposal!

Years ago, innocent Iolanthe Petrakis surrendered to ruthless tycoon Alekos Demetriou, who gave her the night of her life. But when he discovered who she was, he cast her out…
before Iolanthe could reveal she was pregnant!

Dario Olivero sees Alyse Gregory as a way to wreak revenge against his half-brother. The deliciously sexy Italian will pay her family’s debts if she becomes his convenient wife… Her head says no, but her body begs her to say yes…

Rafael Martinez needs Cora Brooks’ hand in marriage to close a crucial business deal. Cora knows his unexpected proposal is only for a paper marriage but, as Rafael helps her step out of the shadows, she hopes their wedding vows last a lifetime!