Scandalous Secrets: A Royal Secret

Series: Special Releases
Rebecca Winters, Raye Morgan and Yvonne Lindsay

ISBN: 9780263298871


Passion reigns supreme

Visiting the beautiful Nafud desert, Lauren Viret did not expect to get caught in a sandstorm, nor rescued by a handsome stranger, who turned out to be Prince Rashad! Rashad believes the stunning American is hiding something. What he doesn't expect is to fall under Lauren's captivating spell…. But could a future for Lauren and her prince ever be more than just a mirage?

David Dykstra is determined to claim his rightful place as prince of fallen Ambria, But when Ayme Sommers shows up, identifying him as the father of her sister's baby, he must re-evaluate his plans! Soon sparks are flying between David and Ayme…. David's journey to becoming a prince isn't going to be simple!

To safeguard her kingdom, Princess Mila will marry a neighbouring royal she barely knows. But she refuses to let Prince Thierry perfect his romantic arts with another woman. In disguise she will seduce him first! But mind-blowing chemistry aside Mila's lie is unforgivable to a prince who prizes honour above all… unless he can his heart, reign supreme.