Spanish Scandals: Risking It All

Series: Special Releases
Carol Marinelli, Cathy Williams and Trish Morey

ISBN: 9780263281774


Rich, famous and notorious

Innocent Estelle Connolly never expected to catch the eye of playboy Raúl Sanchez. But then he makes her an offer: the money to settle her family problems in exchange for a few months as Mrs Sanchez! The contract has been signed– but there isn't a clause to cover all consequences of the wedding night…

Billionaire playboy Lucas Romero is many things, just not the ‘ski instructor’ innocent Milly Mayfield thought she was giving herself to! And now she's livid at the deception! But even Milly cannot ignore the sexual chemistry, and when Lucas needs a woman by his side, Milly suddenly finds herself whisked away to Spain… and engaged!

Her grandfather’s dying wish is Simone Hamilton marry the man she hates – to unite their warring families. Formidable Spaniard Alesander Esquivel is the last man on earth Simone would want to be in the same room with – let alone share a marital bed! But there is no denying their chemistry….