Temptation in the Boardroom

Series: Special Releases
Jennifer Hayward, Leah Ashton and Paula Roe

ISBN: 9780263266337


Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss by Jennifer Hayward

Renowned tycoon Harrison Grant is furious. He can’t afford any distractions with a high-stakes deal on the table and his new assistant, Francesca Masseria, is as diverting for her beauty as her incompetence! He should fire her, but Harrison’s beginning to want a lot more from Francesca than just her job description!

Beware of the Boss by Leah Ashton

Lanie Smith’s boss might look heavenly in a suit, but she’s being run ragged by Grayson Manning’s outrageous demands! But one completely unexpected — and completely magical — kiss later, Lanie’s finally forced to admit the truth — that their super-charged battle of wills hides a much more dangerous attraction…

Promoted to Wife by Paula Roe

Running a multi-billion dollar company meant long hours for Zac Prescott. Thankfully, his super-efficient assistant made the workload almost bearable. Theirs was a strictly professional relationship until the night Emily Reynolds finally let her hair down. And the tycoon took full advantage by stealing a kiss