The Regency Season: Wicked Rakes

Series: Special Releases
Bronwyn Scott

ISBN: 9780263931549


These men are worth the disgrace!

How to Disgrace a Lady

This is set to be the most outrageous society season yet! When Merrick St Magnus is caught in a compromising situation with Lady Alixe Burke, her father demands Merrick make clever, dowdy bluestocking Alixe marriageable. Merrick has never turned down a wager before and he’s not about to start now – but will he be able to give her over to someone else when he’s created a dazzling beauty!

How to Ruin a Reputation

Ashton Bedevere, renowned libertine is known to destroy reputations. Now, after years in Italy, Ashton has returned to London’s society, seeking new challenges and wicked distractions. But his father’s death means Ash must do the unthinkable to claim what is his – take a wife! Surely innocent Genevra Ralston isn’t tempted by the role? Could it be worth it for Ashton’s irresistible touch?