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Hired Girlfriend, Pregnant Fiancée?

Series: True Love
Nina Milne and Teresa Southwick

ISBN: 9780263272307


Hired Girlfriend, Pregnant Pregnant Fiancée by Nina Milne

A surprising proposition!

A binding consequence?

When a hen-do challenge means kissing a stranger, Gabby Johnson never expects to find herself lip-to-lip with Zander Grosvenor – her former teenage crush! Soon the millionaire’s proposing a fake relationship to fend off his interfering family. But could their spark have unintended consequences?

An Unexpected Partnership by Teresa Southwick

“I’m having your baby.”

“Prove it.” 

He’d been duped once before, so ex-hockey star Leo Wallace can’t take Tess at her word.  Yes, they had one amazing night but she told him to forget it ever happened.  And now she wants Leo’s help? He just can’t trust his heart again…no matter what it’s saying!