Australians Bride

Series: By Request


ISBN: 9780263252071

MARRYING THE MILLIONAIRE DOCTOR Susie Jackson has no intention of falling in love – especially with brooding Dr Alex Vavunis. But, as she grows closer to the millionaire, she sees that underneath he is the perfect father... and possibly husband in the making! CHILDREN'S DOCTOR, MEANT-TO-BE WIFE During an emergency at work, Dr Beth Stuart knows there’s only one person to call on. He just happens to be her ex-husband. Their marriage was a passionate whirlwind... and their reunion might be even more so! A BRIDE AND CHILD WORTH WAITING FOR Charles Wetherby has offered Jill Shaw a marriage of convenience to help them adopt the little girl they love. But once the family are under one roof, their marriage feels more real than they ever expected...
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