Captivated by the Enigmatic Tycoon / AWOL Bride

Series: Cherish


ISBN: 9780263923223


Captivated by the Enigmatic Tycoon by Bella Bucannon


Cassie Clarkson must ensure she doesn’t get on Jack Randell’s bad side – seeing as he's the handsome great-nephew of her new client. There’s one issue though, being on his good side is so much more dangerous – to her heart! Cassie needs this job but she also can’t deny her feelings.


AWOL Bride by Victoria Pade


After a car accident leaves runaway bride Maicy Clark unconscious, she's rescued by the last man on earth she ever wanted to see again: Conor Madison, her school sweetheart. He rejected her eighteen years ago, but when she's stranded in a log cabin with him, in the middle of a raging blizzard, Maicy can’t help remembering just how good they were together.


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