Love Letters
~ Chapter 1 ~

Stacey Jerome checked her watch. Timing was perfect. With a quiet glow of satisfaction, she smiled at the bride nervously waiting. She reached out and twitched the gown into a perfect fold. The train was spread out behind, the lace and beading shimmered in the light.

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Love Letters
~ Chapter 2 ~

Two hours later Stacy wanted to scream. She was operating on two levels - one the competent wedding consultant, making sure everything went perfectly for her client. The other, a frustrated woman who couldn’t stop thinking about Zach.

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Love Letters
~ Chapter 3 ~

Zach watched Stacey turn and walk away. He was barely conscious of Jason’s sister hanging on his arm. He couldn’t believe he’d run into his wife. Pain pierced as he remembered their last words. He’d been such a young, arrogant fool. His world had been on a roller coaster for months - from the day he met Stacey. How was he to have known how things would turn out?

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