A Winter Wedding

Series: Special Releases


Two winter brides for the taking!

A Bride for the Highlander


For penniless widow Ainsley McBrayne, the thought of shackling herself to another man is horrifying! Until handsome stranger Innes Drummond tempts Ainsley to become his temporary wife. The rugged highlander sets her heart racing and Ainsley’s soon craving the enticing delights of the marriage bed… But she only has until Hogmanay to show Innes that their fake marriage could be for real!


A Bride for the Warrior

Now that Richard of Dunstan has Isabella of Warehaven in his arms, he won’t let her go. Using the beauty as bait, he’ll lure her treacherous betrothed back to the scene of his crime – and deliver justice. Yet when winter traps Isabella on Richard’s island fortress, she is forced to become his bride! Unable to deny their dangerous attraction, can Isabella ease this fierce warrior’s torment before spring – and rescue – arrives?

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