Brazilian Escape

Series: Special Releases


ISBN: 9780263931051


Niklas Dos Santos has spent the past year falsely imprisoned in Brazil and now he needs his estranged wife to visit… But Meg only wants the divorce papers signed. Just how did one last night together leaves the couple bound to one another for ever?


Dante Orsini has his sights set on a beautiful Brazilian ranch, however, it’s to be inherited by Gabriella Ramos Viera – the woman Dante has never been able to forget. When she reappears, now the mother of a young boy who resembles the dark haired Dante, he has questions…


Outrageous Brazilian bad-boy-tycoon, Diego Pereira has rocked the business world with the announcement of his marriage to pregnant CEO Kimberly Stanton. But, rumours of arguments and secrets surround this notorious couple…will they crumble?


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