Claimed by the Prince

Series: Special Releases


ISBN: 9780263931372


The Heartbreaker Prince


Hannah Latimer has left her glamorous life behind to prove her worth by becoming an aid worker. But when she’s captured by an oppressive regime, her only means of escape is powerful and arrogant Prince Kamel. The price – she must become his bride! There will be no love but there must be heirs. And there will be passion!


Passion and the Prince


Prince Marco di Lucchesi can't hide his disdain for Lily Wrightington or his strong attraction to her! As they tour the captivating palazzos of northern Italy together, the atmosphere between them sizzles with sensual promise… Marco must keep his desire leashed if he’s to stay away from Lily.


Prince of Secrets


Prince Demyan Zaretsky does whatever it takes to protect his country, so seducing Chanel Tanner will be easy. And marriage…? Just an unfortunate side effect of duty. With his royal identity and intent disguised, Demyan sets about a ruthless seduction designed to make Chanel totally his – and when he discovers she’s a virgin? Well that’s a bonus!


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