Italian Bachelors: Devlish D'Angelos

Series: Special Releases


ISBN: 9780263931365


Devilish D’Angelos


Gabriel D’Angelo


Bryn Jones has never forgiven international tycoon Gabriel for sending her father to prison, destroying her family and breaking her heart. But the artist has forged herself a new identity, away from the scandal…until Gabriel asks for a deal that will be mutually beneficial and pleasurable!


Rafe D’Angelo


Nina Palitov’s act of defiance against oppressive control was to spend one exquisite night with a man of her choice. But Rafe D’Angelo relishes a challenge and his pursuit of her provokes a passion she’s never expected. but with her family’s deepest secret at risk it’s essential she doesn’t become Rafe’s latest prize!


Michael D’Angelo


Michael D’Angelo might be the driving force behind the successful Archangel galleries, but it doesn’t mean he’s perfect…he lost his halo years ago! Yet when a delectable woman shows up in Paris, claiming he’s the father to twins, it’s one mistake Michael knows is not his.


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