Jenni Fletcher


Jenni Fletcher

Jenni Fletcherwas born on the north coast of Scotland and now lives in East Yorkshire, where she writes Medieval and Victorian romance novels.

She studied English at Clare College, Cambridge before doing an MA in ‘Women and Literature in English’ and a PhD on Victorian & Edwardian literature at Hull University. After realising that she was better at writing than teaching, she worked in a number of administrative jobs whilst trying to finish her first book, which was rejected. Thinking there must have been some mistake, she then wrote another, which was fortunately accepted by Harlequin.

She spends a large part of her day obsessing about things like the Oxford Comma and whether she uses exclamation marks too often (she does, but she can’t seem to help it!) whilst getting distracted by Twitter. The rest of the time she drinks too much caffeine, eats too much chocolate, and tries not to drop crumbs into her keyboard.

When not writing, obsessing or cleaning up after her children, she likes mountain biking, hiking and watching period dramas (her husband joins her for two of those). She knows nothing about sport or crime fiction, but can talk with authority on Minecraft, Star Trek and the Lord of the Rings.

Her favourite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion and her favourite Bronte is Anne. If she had to choose a romantic hero it would be John Thornton, but maybe that’s just because she’s Northern.