Kim Lawrence


Kim Lawrence


One hot summer when I was a child, I played on a beach and made up stories about Princes and Princesses and wished I could stay there forever. Today I live near that same beach on the Isle of Anglesey and the sun even shines occasionally. I am still making up stories but now that people read them, I can’t claim the credit for the one where a real life Prince called William brought his new bride Kate to live on the island – and the cynics say dreams don’t come true! Happily romance is not dead.

How did I get into writing?

It's a question I often ask myself. With small children to take care of (they're now fully grown up) the prospect of continuing with a nursing career with its notoriously unsociable working hours did not seem attractive! So, encouraged by a husband who, bless him, believes that I can do anything; I decided to try my hand at writing. I’ve always been an avid Mills & Boon reader and so it seemed natural to write a romance novel – now I simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I tend to set my novels in locations that I already know and love, though my primary focus is always my characters. I confess that I do maintain a particular fondness for some of the heroes, though I won't say who – a girl is allowed her favourites!

I am a keen gardener and I enjoy cooking and running. I often run along the beach accompanied by my Jack Russell, Herb, as one of the joys of living on an island means that the sea is never very far away!