Maureen Child / Karen Booth

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When I started writing, I was just looking for a way to work and stay at home with my kids. What I found was a career so fabulous I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Since publishing my first book, I’ve written 121 romance novels in all kinds of genres. Everything from historicals, to paranormals to contemporaries. I’ve been nominated for a Romance Writers of America RITA award (think Oscars for romance writers), seven times and I’ve seen one of my books made into a CBS-TV movie starring Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Greenwood. (I’m even in the last five minutes of the film!)


When I’m not writing I love to travel and my Facebook page usually has some of the photos I’m always taking (not of me, you understand – mostly landscapes or really great looking trees).


I’m a native Southern Californian, as is my husband, but recently we decided to have an adventure and we moved to the mountains of Utah. It’s a whole different world up here – dealing with our first winter snow was a little intimidating. But what’s life without a good dose of adventure?