A Mother to Make a Family / The Nurses Baby Secret

Series: Modern


ISBN: 9780263926408

A Mother to Make a Family by Emily Forbes


When Dr Mitch Reynolds lost his wife he blamed himself and turned his back on medicine. He keeps his three children close but the world at a

distance. But then Rose Anderson walks into his life…


Teacher Rose always dreamt of falling in love but an illness left her scarred and now her dreams feel further away than ever. Yet helping Mitch’s little family become whole again gives her the chance to belong and the prospect of being loved…just as she is.


The Nurse's Baby Secret by Janice Lynn


Nurse Savannah Carter is ecstatic to discover she’s expecting, but before she can share the joyful news with the baby’s father—gorgeous Dr Charlie Keele—he stuns her with the announcement he’s leaving town.


Charlie knows Savannah deserves better than he can give her, and pushing her away is for her own good, but that doesn’t make leaving any easier. Then he discovers Savannah is pregnant! Now he must win back the woman he loves…and convince her how much he wants to be a family with their beautiful baby.



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