A Secret Seduction

Series: Modern


ISBN: 9780263929584

Delve into these three stories of sinfully seductive encounters…

A Secret Until Now by Kim Lawrence


Seeing Angel brings all sorts of memories flooding back to Alex – memories that stir up a forgotten hunger. Alex sees no reason why they can’t indulge in one more blazing night together, but Angel has a secret that will turn their lives upside down…

A Sinful Seduction by Elizabeth Lane

East Africa is the last place philanthropist Cal Jeffords expected to find glamorous Megan Rafferty, his best friend’s widow. Now that he’s tracked her down, working as a volunteer nurse for his own foundation, he’ll stop at nothing to get answers—including getting her into bed. When he finds out what happened to the millions she embezzled from the charity, he’ll make her pay.

Megan does have something she’s hiding, but it’s not what Cal thinks. Ultimately, the truth will make it impossible for him to see their African adventure as a simple seduction—and to let her go.

Secrets of a Shy Socialite by Wendy S. Marcus

Jena was always the ‘good Piermont twin’, preferring to nurse others over life in the limelight. Seducing her all-time crush was the bravest (and definitely the most outrageous) thing she’s ever done. But what did giving into her desire bring her? Two adorable baby girls! But the social fallout will be nothing compared to confessing the truth to the unsuspecting father.

And how will he react when Jena reveals her most heartbreaking secret of all?




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